All the children will be involved in PE every week. We follow a schedule that includes 1) greetings, 2) stretching, 3) games, songs, and obstacle courses, and 4) departure. We practice saying "hi" and "goodbye" to Ms. Sandy every week as part of our routine. We will be working on vocabulary such as body parts and position words. We will work on social skills such as turn-taking, waiting, initiating play with gestures or words, and following directions from a less familiar adult. We will also practice gross motor skills such as running, throwing, kicking, crossing midline...all of which help us find our body in space, an important skill for managing self in the classroom. Research shows that moving helps to solidify learning in the brain, so we will be extra smart when we come home on Fridays!!! ;)

3rd quarter we are doing some gymnastics routines to work on balance, turn-taking, and prepositions. Our fifth grade buddies filmed one of the other classes doing the "heart-healthy" chant so that we can learn it, too.