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We are a rainbow of learners

Who are:
Radiating in the sky of life
Outstanding in our abilities
Yearningto do new things & gain new skills
Glowingwith possibilities
Busy figuring out new ways of learning
Interested in getting the answers
Vastly different in our learning styles
Together we are a fascinating site to behold.

Classroom Expectations "winners SOAR daily"
Students will ...

  1. keep my body in control (safety)
  2. accept responsibilty for my actions (ownership)
  3. do my best (achieving success)
  4. be kind to myself and other (respect)


Hear Ye, Hear Ye!! Volunteers Needed! Make up a difference in the life of the school by volunteering in the Library Media Center. How?
Go to signupgenius.com, enter the following email address to find active signups:
sbeckham@wcpss.net. Choose Library Media Ctr Volunteers. To be able to sign up you must register an email address with the website, which does not share your email with spam or other providers. Choose the time and dates you wish to sign up. The site sends you a reminder email two days prior to your selected times. Our school really needs help with multiple tasks in the Library Media Center this academic year. You may also go to this direct link, register your email and sign up to volunteer: