Media Activities


In media, we have five activities that never change.

1. Sit on the ABC rug.
2. Say "hi" to Mrs. Flory and Molly Media Mouse.
3. Read a story; this quarter the book is "There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly."
4. Watch the story on video...a HUGE crowd pleaser.
5. Color a picture associated with the story. We use this opportunity to work on finger grip, focus, prewriting strokes (-,/,+,0), and completing a task.

We have pictures denoting these activities as cues for the children. At the end of the time, we all practice saying "goodbye."

We are all amazed at how repetition helps the children participate more fully, answer questions relating to a familiar book from a less familiar adult, and refine motor skills. Mrs. Flory says we are her favorite class and is absolutely thrilled with the children's interaction with the text & with her.